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Friend: blockchain platform of applications in the cloud for all

The need for mobile application development has generated a market whose dimensions are estimated in volume of up to 340 billion dollars by 2021, which makes them a reference of the first order to be considered. Access to talents, codes, developments and proposals is currently demanding platforms that are capable of solving barriers of processing capacity, security, reliability and reasonable economy. These challenges are well approached from the perspective of blockchain technology and its benefits. Aware of this, the people of Friend Software Corporation and its Friend Unifying Platform are advancing in the leadership of solutions for these challenges.

Friend is a cloud computing network, in which decentralized applications can be deployed and distributed in seconds, with guaranteed access to anyone who wants to. In fact anyone can access your Friend Cloud Computer safely, at any time, anywhere in the world, thanks to the network of nodes that comprise it.

Objectives of Friend Unifying Platform

Friend first started as a server and application platform for commercial use for more than three years. In his panorama the next natural step of his development was to embrace the blockchain technology and from there to provide a solution differentiated from its competitors. The mission of Friend is to become a network of server nodes that uses encryption, decentralized resources and Blockchain technology available to everyone.

By making major use of the Ethereum blockchain, Friend will move towards improved computing capacity, with the lowest possible cost of transactions, and providing a more agile and quick response capacity to execute them.

The main objective of Friend is to make the decentralized website accessible to all, and also to facilitate integration with developers, all with access to the cloud at all times. Friend is open source and you can get access to the code on Github. The Friend Core service core was launched under the MIT license to encourage mass adoption. That everyone can have access, participate in projects, collaborate on them and also do it without having to pay absurdly expensive licensing costs, is the idea.

Friend plans to integrate with the best providers of several decentralized technologies, such as electronic wallets, identification providers and decentralized storage solutions, among others, all harmonized with the objective of making Friend an integral access platform.

When a developer of a mobile application deploys the same on Friend Network, its application is immediately available worldwide, thanks to decentralized technologies that handle the respective files. On the other hand with Friend Store, developers can monetize their applications directly and without the need for an intermediary, saving expensive leonine fees that do not help in the development of new technological solutions.

Friend is in the pre-sale stage of his utility token, the FRND. The Token Generator Event will take place on April 16, 2018.

As for the pre-sale, it is important to highlight that Friend reserves the admission, previous registration in its web site for this purpose. The pre-sale contribution address is sent only to participants approved by Friend. Anyone with a KYC approved by Friend can participate.

The Friend Network Token is a token compatible with ERC20, and its reference value is 1 ETH = 20,000 FRND. It is important to have in mind that the total supply of FRND will be 2 billion, and will not be possible to mine them nor will more FRND tokens be generated after the TGE / ICO.

We highly recommend following the Telegram channel of this interesting platform to stay updated on its news and pre-sale progress, and the Token Generator Event on April 16 next.